Body Butter vs Body Cream…how to choose!

28 Jul , 2022

Body Butter vs Body Cream…how to choose!



We know you’re busy and might not have the time to read the whole article. So here’s a quick 2-line summary to take away!

Body cream: Best for oily/combination skin. Quick absorbing.

Body butter: Best for dry skin, or you want that glow when the sun hits you! Use on damp skin and better for eczema or psoriasis.


We tend to spend so much time (and money!) buying product after product for our faces that we forget our bodies. Our bodies need just as much attention and love, and you don’t have to break the bank to obtain the ultimate levels of skin hydration! 


Once you’ve decided to prioritise your body, then the real stress begins. Googling skincare does not help - the amount of products out there is intimidating and the vocab can be confusing. 


No stress - we got you covered here at The Alchemy Remedy. Let’s dig into the differences between Body Butter and Body Cream and hopefully lead you towards the right choice for your skin. 

But first…why do I need this?

Hydration is SO important. Not only does it make you smell *fantastic* but it does have actual benefits too, from protecting your skin from environmental damage to slowing down the signs of ageing. Dehydrated skin shows allllll the lines and wrinkles, and makes you much more likely to start flaking.

Body Butter

What is it and who is it best for?

Just the name itself sounds dreamy and creamy….but what is body butter, and should you add it to your skincare routine?

If you have dry skin that needs hydration, body butter is definitely for you. Whereas lotions and creams tend to be water-based, our body butters are filled with nutrients from plants, fruits or nuts, which leaves your skin feeling super soft with a bit of shine. 

Why do we love it?

These products work a little differently to regular creams. Best used on damp skin, body butter creates a barrier that locks in moisture, providing extra-strong, longer-lasting hydration and absorption (amazing for eczema or psoriasis). And, it leaves your skin feeling super soft with a little shine…gorgeous! 


If you are lucky enough to not suffer from dry skin, body butter can also be used in localised areas that need a little bit extra attention, think elbows, knees or heels.

Our favourite

Our Organic Whipped Cocoa Body Butter is a great option for people with eczema. One word of warning: it smells so delicious you might want to eat it, please don’t!

However our most popular to date is our Organic Whipped Billionaire Body Butter, that familiar Millionaire scent will have you never using alcohol based perfumes and aftershaves ever again!

Body Cream

What is it and who is it best for?

Body creams are made of water, skin conditioning alcohols/ emulsifiers like cetyl alcohol or ceteryl alcohol and oil, with humectants and softening agents. The ingredient lists tend to be much more complicated than body butters, but don’t let that put you off the ingredients we use are all plant derived and very much safe. They are surprisingly less creamy than body butters, but still have a lovely thick consistency.

If you have naturally oily skin, or prefer a matte look, then you should definitely add body cream to your routine. 

Why do we love it?

We love the fast-acting nature of body creams…you can apply and get straight on with your day. They absorb so much faster than butters and don't have to be applied onto damp skin as they already contain water, they can also be used in your facial routine too. The high water content and lower oil content mean that they provide fantastic hydration for oily skin.


We also make sure that all of our creams are made from cruelty-free ingredients and avoid chemicals and preservatives that can ultimately hurt your skin. 

Our favourite

For dry skin on the face our Unscented and Jasmine and Frangipani are hits with our customers. They're also a great base for that smooth makeup application!






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