Our motto is “Simplicity. Quality. Direct from the source”. 

We went straight to the source of all of the most commonly used products and magnified the best ingredients, to give you products tailored to our hair and skins’ true needs. Cleansing, Water, Essential fatty acids/vitamins and Sun protection are our skins main requirements in order to be at its healthiest.

We removed the junk stabilisers and chemicals added to extend the shelf life of products to give you the best quality. 

We have formulated our product range using years of extensive scientific knowledge of vitamins, minerals and their effects on skin and hair. 

As well as using historical knowledge of herbs and oils dating back thousands of years, from all around the world. 

Our initial inspiration and focus was the needs of the people closest to us, (our nearest and dearest) many of whom suffer from various allergies and intolerances to many of today’s most popular and commonly used products. 

As well as their differing physical needs like dry skin, hair loss, eczema. So we created our organic, ethically sourced, cruelty free blends. 

Our blends are all, free from tree nut oils, sulphates, parabens, perfumes, preservatives and alcohol.

Also, our entire skin and haircare product range is all handmade to order here in the UK. 

This is why we can offer a bespoke service to those that need it. We listen to your needs, and are here to help educate you, on how to listen to the chemistry of your body. Contact us for more information. 

We want to give you the power. So, if you want to smell like the sweetest Strawberries, Deep and woodsy like Indian Sandalwood, like a spa day with dreamy Ylang-ylang or fresh like juicy tangerines, we can make it happen - all whilst nourishing your skin and hair!